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Bournemouth Cally Logo
Bournemouth Caledonian Society
phone image
President Charlie Robertson
The Bournemouth Caledonian Hall
The Bournemouth Caledonian Dance Team 2005
The Bournemouth Caledonian Dance Team 2007
The Bournemouth Caledonian Dance Team 2008


On Thursday 29th MAY the Caledonians have their end of season Dance.   THE ROSE DANCE.  All are welcome.  Tickets are £10 each from Irene at 01202- 570090.   This is a fun, relaxed evening of Scottish dancing..... and ceilidh dancing so that all can take part.  A really nice way to end our season before the summer holidays.   Come and meet some new friends.

Do not forget to come to HIGHCLIFFE CASTLE on Sunday August 3rd when we will be hosting an afternoon of Scottish Dancing in the lovely grounds of the Castle, from 1-4 pm. There will be a Pipe Band joining us,  Kilts of Caledonia.  There is a café in the grounds where refreshments can be obtained and lovely views of the sea and the Isle of Wight.  Come and say Hullo and join in.  There will be Team demonstrations of dancing and dancing for all.  There is parking behind the castle.

Read the rest of the news here.

Bournemouth Caledonian Society ran a Scottish evening for Hope FM Radio who were raising money for charity. Thank you everyone for taking part in this great event!

Our society, created in 1907, comprises of expatriate Scots and families, together with those of Scottish descent keen to retain their culture and heritage.

Society evenings are held in the Scottish Hall on Thursdays at 7-45pm until 10pm from mid September to end of May. The entrance fee is Members £2.50, Non Members £3.00 this includes light refreshment. The evening usually comprises of speakers / entertainment for approximately one hour followed by tea, then dancing.

Each Monday our Scottish Country Dance class is held, which caters for all standards. This takes place from 8pm until 10pm. The entrance fee is £2.50 and includes light refreshment.

The society also has its own Scottish Country Dance Team, Choir and Heritage Group. Our Scottish Country Dance Team perform at various functions throughout the year and are available upon request throughout Dorset and beyond. The Caledonian Singers regularly entertain at charitable functions. All who can make a reasonable tuneful contribution are welcome!

On the second Tuesday, our Heritage Group meet for interesting talks and discussions concerning Scottish History, Culture and topical debate.

All the above meetings are open to all comers. Full membership of the society is available to those born in Scotland, those of Scottish descent and those married to either of these qualifies!

For further information about the club, including our address in Bournemouth, please check our contact page for details.

CLASSES for beginners and others in SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING

If you want to have fun and exercise and learn how to dance come to the Scottish Hall on Monday evenings Shelbourne Road, off Charminster Rd, Bournemouth. It is 7.30 for complete beginners. Our RSCDS qualified teacher will be delighted to see you. It is £2.50 a session including refreshments. If you want to speak to anyone about the class please ring 01202 570090. You do not need a partner, any age is welcome and you do not have to be a Scot. See you there?